My Delicious Pizza

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Today I went to My Aunts Place and found myself having a great time! For lunch we had to make something, so we made pizza. Aunty Sue had a bread baker in her home and so we made the base from scratch. At the same time as the pizza base was cooking we added some sauce to the pan to thicken the tomato-y mixture. I grated up 3 different types of cheeses, parmesan, normal and Swiss. We Rolled out the bread and waited to add the toppings. She cut up onion and capsicum while I placed on the olives, almost finished. the final touch was the smoked salt sprinkled on top, before it was put into the oven. When it came out Aunty Sue cut it up and dolloped on some sour cream and placed a little basil. wala!


Remember to follow your dreams,
Love Nadia.

Recommended YouTube Channels. Part 1

  1. 4 Kids Gaming                295k subscribers
  2. Adam Saleh Vlogs          3m   subscribers
  3. Alex Wassabi                  2m subscribers
  4. AlishaMarie                    5m subscribers
  5. Allie Gardiner                69k subscribers
  6. AmandaRachLee           312k subscribers
  7. Annie LeBlanc               1m subscribers
  8. ASHLEYLAYY                 96k subscribers
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Thank you!

I am so thankful for everyone who has checked out my blog, follow and liked. In this post I am just going to show you how many people have checked out my blog, hopefully including YOU. In no way, shape or form am I bragging, this is a thank you.

40 from New Zealand, 9 from India, 8 from United States, 6 from Canada, 3 from china, 2 from Estonia, 1 from Spain, United Kingdom, Latvia, Australia, and Turkey!






Amy and I created some slime we had so much fun! the smaller amounts is Amy’s slime and the large amount is mine, mine turned into a disaster as whenever you play with it gets paint all over your hands. I think I add to much.



HI! I have seen a whole lot of bloggers going about me posts and I thought I would like to do one too, but to do this I need YOUR help! Please ask me some questions, ETC: What’s your fave computer game?

I would add them to another post and answer them for you!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing posts much but I have been deciding what to write about next! Please also give me some suggestions, Thank You iwannabealady for asking me some questions to help me out on my blog, please check her blog out!

I also thank everyone that checked out my blog, I’m really surprised that so many people would want to see my blog!

If you would like me to shout out your blog, plz tell me in the comments.

Again thx, I will have some more posts coming soon!

Follow your plan, Love Nadia.


Westfield haul #2 (with my best friend Amy)

On Saturday I went to the Westfield mall with Amy. My mum had to get her hair cut so we got to go on a shopping spree with $58 at hand. Here is what we got.

WP_20170715_016This was actually a free gift from smiggles after I used up all of my card.

WP_20170715_014I had to get 2 of these the last time I got 1 it smelt amazing!

WP_20170715_012They were so cheap and great colours so we both bought 2.

WP_20170715_011I have been going to whitcouls and seeing these cute as magnetic book marks I couldn’t help but get one.

WP_20170715_008The man at the counter was advertising this so well (anyway its a donut) I could not help but get this especially when its only $2.80

WP_20170715_006The sale at Typo allowed me to get 3 notebooks for $12 usually they are $8 each. I signed up for VIP and got 10% off!

WP_20170715_002To get that free gift I had to buy some more things to make it $10 so Amy pointed out this really nice smelling scented pencil pack!

We had to make slime, It was a playdate anyway so we bought some, rose gold paint, shaving cream, containers, glue, and even a cheap made slime.

I had a lot of fun and hope you are still following your dreams!

Love you, Nadia.


As you may have heard in the catching up post wish had cancelled my order, but today I received to orders and $44 missing from my bank. I’m extremely happy that my order came in although not all of It the others would come in soon.

WP_20170714_008I received 2 packages, and inside was the mirror I’ve been waiting ages for and my brushes.

Here’s the slide show of what they look like.

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I hope you follow your dreams and keep on reading my blog, it makes me smile every time I get a new viewer, follower, liker and commenter. Thx everyone.

Love Nadia.


  1. What types of things do you want to see on my blog?
  2. What do you like seeing on my blog?
  3. What don’t you like seeing on my blog?
  4. Would you like me to post some stories I have made up on this blog?
  5. Will you want to recommend this blog to your friends and family?
  6. Are there any tips you have?
  7. Are there any recommendations for anything?
  8. Do you have any questions?

If you can plz answer some of the questions I would love to here the answers!

Follow Your Dreams, Love Nadia!


HI, today I’m doing my first ever book review, as my first book review I decided to review my favourite trilogy in the whole world. This book is written by Suzanne Collins and was named THE HUNGER GAMES! If you haven’t read this book yet I recommend you do! The movie is also AMAZING, but the books are always better! I first started off watching the movie… HUGE MISTAKE! It was recommended to me by my uncle and I LOVED IT! The full on rebel, the real heart stopping surprising and twists. I’ve watched all the movies over 2 times each and totally couldn’t get my hands off the books. I have read ALL of the books over 3 times each! Half way through reading the first one the 4th time! One thing I love was Katniss the main character was played by Jennifer Lawrence my favourite actress!

In this book review I’m going to quickly summarise it but try not to ruin it for you. I will do the next 2 in the other book reviews!

The Hunger Games starts of slowly describing the character. It really gets you to fall in love with the character. You understand the relations ship between her family. Her sister is everything to her and its heart breaking when her sister is called up. (already I’m ruining it for you) As the story goes on you can see how the author added humour in such a sad story very well. I love her courage in the story and the way she sees everything. The story is a Thriller, with a hint of romance. That romance kind of helps you to get more emotionally involved with the story. This book was the first book I’ve ever cried in and I’m not really a type to cry on books… or movies.

I recommended this book to Amy a little while ago and she started of with a “that’s boring!” I kept on nudging it at her until she read more and got totally involved in the story ending up becoming obsessed.

I hope you try it out if you haven’t already and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Love Nadia.

SORRY (Catching Up) (lots of questions)

I haven’t been posting in ages because I have no idea what to talk about, so I’m just going to share with you my progress and what I’ve been doing this week!

It’s amazing how the holidays can feel like they had come by so fast yet in class you’re thinking the opposite.

I have been watching YouTube a lot more lately and I have subscribed to 862 people! If you want me to do a List of subscribers (in parts) I’ll be glad too, I just don’t know If you would like it.

I have been researching on YouTube tips on being a YouTuber, and adding to what I want to sell in my future ETSY shop. I’m thinking of doing some charms.

My panda bun squishy, I have shown in the previous haul has been played with so much that the face completely came off so now its just a bun.

Ages ago I ordered some things of an app called wish, I had seen other people buy from it including my papa (dad) and friends, and found it great! I decided It would also be a great idea to order from this app and got completely obsessed over their things. I put thousands of things on my wish list. THOUSANDS! I spent ages! My mum ordered her first batch and the email came to her that night saying it was refunded. I know not to give up so I tried one more time to order myself some things. It was working! I was excited and got ready for the masks, watercolour paints and brushes to come in the mail. They stopped emailing me and ended up cancelling my order half way through. I think that’s enough of wish for me but I recommend you trying it out and telling me what happens to you if you get it, if it’s actually poor quality when you get them or doesn’t come at all. I may even try again! Also be sure to tell me about any shopping fails that you have had. If there are any recommendations of things to do on my blog be sure to tell me. I’m running out of Ideas.

I would also like to thank the people looking and following my blog. You guys give me hope that someone is willing to read my outrageous random comments and short stories.

Keep Following Your Dreams…

Love Nadia.